Kentucky is a beautiful state that has a great to offer due to its diverse geography and rich culture. If you have yet visited this state you are missing out. Here you will find just a few of the wonderful things that you can do and see when visiting the state.

If you know anything at all about Kentucky you know that one of their biggest past times involves the racing of horses. If this is something that you are interested in viewing you will want to visit their largest city, Louisville. There you will find the home of the Kentucky Derby. If you want to enjoy their horse culture but are not interested in the races you will find that there are countless businesses that you will have the opportunity to ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes that you can find in the country.

If you enjoy taking in the magnificent beauty that nature can provide you will want to check out one of their chains of caves. The most popular of these is known as the Mammoth Cave system. You will see stalactites and stalagmites. Do take warning, however, even during the hottest months of the years these caves will be extremely cool due to the environment and location deep under ground. These caves are located near the interstate so they can easily be integrated into a trip that is simply through the state on your way to another adventure.

In the southeast corner of the state you will find the mountains of the Appalachia. There you will find mining towns that have long since been left behind. Some are part of state parks, while others are simply adjacent to the towns that they once fueled. Depending on which one you visit, you may be able to learn about the people that once lived there, view structures that were built over a hundred years ago or even travel part of the way into a mine. If you have a passion for the history of the United States this is an absolute must.

From plains to mountains, Kentucky has a great deal to offer to visitors of all ages. If you have not yet had the chance to visit you are missing out on some experiences that are not often found. Make your plans to visit this great state; you will not be disappointed.