Just before Christmas, in one of those “only in Goodlettsville…” moments, a woman crashed into the Long Hollow Pile market, then, horrified at the damage, she went to hide out in a hotel.

When the police caught up with the woman, she told them that the accelerator on her minivan was stuck. The driver, Kimberly Rigsby-Seat – drive into one of the columns outside of the Twice Daily, then continued through the glass storefront. She was able to put her minivan into reverse, and drive away, before heading to a hotel. The police found the van nearby, and then tracked her down, and she is going to be charged with driving while on a suspended license. She also faces chargs for leaving the scene of the incident.

There were people in the store at the time, and two employees were taken to hospital with injuries. The store had been forced to close because of the damage, which includes a broken water pipe. However, the good news is that the gas pumps remained operational, so shoppers could still top up!

Accidents can happen to the best of us, but things like this are a stark reminder of how important it is to follow the law. The driver was already on a suspended license, and now something expensive and destructive has been added to whatever caused the suspension in the first place. That, combined with leaving the scene of the accident, could see this driver face more than just a short suspension – and could have far reaching implications for her job, and her future employment prospects. These could hae been avoided had she simply taken a cab, or asked for someone to drive her – or, made sure that her car was in good working order at the least!