When it comes to finding apartments based in Lexington, Kentucky, you should know that the best way for you to do it is by going to Google and search for the term “Lexington KY apartments”. And when that is done, you take a look at the listings that come up in the search results. Sure, you can always use a realtor to do it for you, however, if you have worked with a realtor before, you already know that your choices can be limited by what the realtor thinks is best for you, or worse, what he thinks is what you can afford.

When you have the money to pay the rent, you do not want to be limited in your choices. You will want to see what that part of the United States has to offer in terms of living. Well, we can tell you right now that the apartments you will find in Lexington are somewhat luxurious. They have the facilities that can make your stay worthwhile. But then there are so many of them that you can choose from. How do you shorten the list? Easy.

You just check out the top 20 list, the page is found on the top of the search engine results. And the apartments that are included in the list are Bridle Creek, Forty 57, among others. Since there are twenty in the top twenty list, you can expect for them to be spread all over Lexington, and not concentrated in one area of the city.

What you want to do is to look at these apartments on the map. Really, sometimes it’s not just about how good a place is, sometimes it’s all about location. If you are working, you will definitely want to be in an apartment that is near where you work. So, go ahead and take a look at the map and check which apartments are nearby your workplace.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Lexington? Well, that really depends on the kind of apartment you are staying? Do you want a studio-type apartment? It will cost you upwards of $600. On the other hand, a three-bedroom apartment is going to cost you over $1,000 per month. But that is just the average cost. If you want to know how much it will actually cost you, make sure to check out the prices.